Monitoring is one of the key tools for estimating effectiveness of communication channels and tools. Depending on the goals and objectives of the client company, we offer several options.

Media space monitoring helps to understand the main trends of a particular industry and the current situation at the market, evaluate resources and review the key messages broadcast by the company.

Competitors monitoring  provides information about competitors activities in Media and enables to compare strengths and weaknesses of the company.

Partner & Potential customers monitoring allows to learn more about partner’s news, projects, collaborations and to be aware of the general trends in the industry.

Mass Media monitoring

The industry media market is dynamic, old players are leaving, new media are taking their place, so Mass Media monitoring gives an opportunity to

  • Estimate your performance in the Media – intensity, quality and tone of publications, presence of specific regions
  • Assess the effectiveness of competitor’s media relations
  • Find fresh news distribution channels
  • Track loyalty of specific media to your news

Social Media monitoring allows to keep an eye on feedback to company’s products and services, analyze competitor activity and advertising coverage.

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