A corporate website is gradually turning from a point of contact with a client into a sales tool, and sometimes into a multifunctional platform for training, building sales processes and product delivery.

The key objective of Internet marketing is to make the site a stimulant of sales, turning visitors into customers.

Unlike traditional marketing, the Internet allows to communicate directly with the target audience, receive prompt feedback and work with it. Thanks to the targeting mechanism, only targeted and effective advertising can be distinguished from the entire audience. The process of evaluating performance and obtaining analytics is becoming easer and more transparent.

Key elements of internet marketing::

  • Website creation
  • Content
  • SEO optimization
  • Social networks
  • CRM
  • Web analytics

What’s more?

When the site performs the function of informing customers and partners about the company’s new products and services, two important aspects must be taken into account: the site’s adaptability to the local market (in the case of a global company) and updating.

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